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The Entrepreneurial spirit is now vital, more than ever, for Seychellois Businesses

With a major surge in the deadly coronavirus virus or COVID-19 and with numbers climbing continuously, the spread of this infectious disease is hindering border-to-border transactions. As a result, travel and shipping restrictions are being applied across the world. It is expected that it will have a huge impact on worldwide industries seeing as we all transact with one another.

In the case of Seychelles, the contribution to its economy depends primarily on the tourism industry. With annual projected increase in arrivals of tourists from all over the world, the breakout and rapid spread of the virus will undoubtedly show how significantly important it is that we do not rely entirely on a few sectors. There is therefore, a necessity for a country to have sustainable industries in an economy to buffer effects from external shocks.

Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship development seychelles

World renown business gurus share knowledge and insights with locals

Entrepreneurs and the business community in Seychelles have over the course of the past two days benefitted from the first-of-its kind business extravaganza, through a two-day business event, The Dizzy Entrepreneur, held at the Eden Bleu Hotel.

The seminar, comprising a questions and answer session on Thursday evening, followed by a full-day seminar with acclaimed and internationally recognised entrepreneurs yesterday, was attended by numerous entrepreneurs and representatives of locally established business organisations such as the Mauritius Commercial Bank Seychelles, among others.

Following Thursday’s evening session where participants could address any concerns and queries to the speakers regarding the challenges they face on their entrepreneurship and business journey, a networking breakfast was held yesterday morning, providing participants an opportunity to interact with the business gurus and discuss business, strategies and success formulas among others.

Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship development seychelles

Schools Entrepreneurship Competition

Winners of a Schools Entrepreneurship Competition for primary, secondary and post-secondary levels have been rewarded.

The competition was organised by the department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the department responsible for Youth, and the Seychelles National Youth Council.

The winners for the primary level are: First prize - Daniel Zialor from La Retraite school. He drew an island-to-island SPTC train system; second place - Etana Pointe from Bel Eau school who drew a restaurant below the sea with sleeping facility and the third prize went to Ravin Camille from Bel Eau school who drew an ‘out of the ordinary’ shaped museum under the Seychelles sea.

Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship development seychelles

Vice President Meriton visits local entrepreneurs in north Mahe

Local entrepreneurs will continue to receive support from the government through the Enterprise Seychelles Agency so that they can continue to produce quality and value for money products which will add value to the Seychelles brand, Vice President Vincent Meriton has said.

Vice President Meriton was speaking yesterday afternoon following his visit in north Mahe, more precisely at Beau Vallon, where he met with the owners of three micro, small and medium size enterprises.

The aim of the visit was for him to see for himself progress made, to interact with the owners and discuss their achievements and challenges.


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