Am I eligible for the Financial Assistance for Job Retention (FA4JR)

If you are a registered SRC business/ NGO or Self-employed, you are eligible to seek for salary assistance or Self-employed Financial Assistance.

For more information regarding the eligibility guidelines and forms, click HERE.


Am I eligible to apply for an Industrial Plot of land?

You may access the Industrial Land Allocation Point System Policy HERE to view the criteria.

How do I make a land application for an Industrial Activity?

Submit a letter of expression of interest to the Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Estates Authority stating your name, name of business, nature of activity and your requirements (land or working space).

How do I make a suggestion through the Think Tank?

If you are interested in submitting a suggestion, the fastest way is through the form at this link by clicking HERE.

How do I start up a Business in Seychelles?
  1. Choose a business by analysing your own passion
  2. Train and inform yourself on opportunities available
  3. Prepare a business plan
  4. Make your Business Official by officially registering it
  5. Seek funding for your business

Click HERE for more information regarding the ‘Five Steps to Starting up your Business’. 


What are Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)?

As per the Enterprise Seychelles Agency Act, 2018, MSME is defined as follows:

“Micro Enterprise” means an enterprise which has an annual sales turnover not more than 2 million Seychelles Rupees and not more than 5 employees;

“Small Enterprise” means an enterprise which has an annual sales turnover above 2 million Seychelles Rupees, but not more than 10 million Seychelles Rupees and not more than 15 employees; and

“Medium Enterprise” means an enterprise which has an annual sales turnover above 10 million Seychelles Rupees, but not exceeding 25 million Seychelles Rupees and not exceeding 50 employees.

“Start-up enterprise” means any entrepreneurship venture up to one year from its inception.

What documents do I need when registering my business?

The following documents are required when registering your business.

  • National Identity Number (NIN)
  • Cash Flow Forecast based on income estimated to be derived in the first tax year
  • Certificate of Registration and Incorporation
  • Certificate of Partnership (If partnership)
  • Copy of License (if any)
  • All other documents that are considered relevant for the purpose of registration.
What happens after I have submitted my business idea or query?
  • All information disclosed to the Think Tank is done so exclusively with your consent.
  • Think Tank will do its best to protect the information gathered from your queries. However, it cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit, therefore you do so at your own risk.
  • The commercial information you share with the Think Tank will be similar to others in fields similar to yours. Therefore, please be aware that the solution(s) the Think Tank will provide to you may be similar to other businesses’ seeking the Think Tank’s assistance.
  • Any information disclosed to the Think Tank which is of a commercial nature shall not be used for the commercial purpose of the Think Tank.
What is DOIED’s main role?

The main function of the Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development (DOIED) is to lead Seychelles’ industrial and entrepreneurial development by promoting growth and assisting with the expansion of the economy to achieve a higher standard of living for all, through the formulation of appropriate policies and mechanisms for MSMEs, entrepreneurship development, business innovation and the development a competitive industrial base.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (IP) is something that you can create. This may include signs, literacy and artistic work, inventions, industrial designs, lay-out designs and plant varieites.

In Seychelles, IP is mainly governed by the Industrial Property Act 2014 and the Copyright Act 2014.

What is the “Seychelles Made” Brand?

The “Seychelles Made” Brand will be the national label for the empowerment, promotion and subsequently the increased recognition and consumption of Seychelles produced products. This brand shall uplift the authenticity of the product through an effective sales and marketing asset for potential Seychellois brands hence, encourage people to purchase products that are ‘genuinely Seychellois’. 

Certified products will include only those whereby at least 50% of the final cost of production must have been incurred in Seychelles, or if raw materials have been imported, substantial transformation must have taken place in Seychelles. The label can be displayed on the locally made products, either on the primary, secondary or tertiary packaging of the product. For unpackaged products, the label shall be used in a way, which allows for its appearance.

What is the SADC Protocol on Industry?

The objective of this Protocol is to promote the development of diversified, innovative and globally competitive regional and national industrial bases to enable the Region to achieve sustainable and inclusive development.

More information regarding the benefits of this Protocol is available HERE in Creole.


What support is Government offering to COVID-19 impacted businesses?

In order to help the Private Sector navigate the impact of COVID-19, the Government has put in place the following mechanisms:

  • Financial Assistance for Job Retention (FA4JR)
  • Monetary policy rate
  • Moratorium and restricting of loans
  • Private sector relief scheme
  • Tax breaks
  • Support for agricultural sector
  • Relief measure for artisanal fisherman
  • Reduction in interest rate under the fisheries development fund
  • Grace period for pension payment.

Click HERE to access our e-guide with all the business-information.


Where can I access business-related information on what has been announced on COVID-19?

The Department has created an all-in-one e-guide called ‘COVID-19 Guide for Businesses’ to ease access to information as it is solely based on what is currently known about COVID-19, workplace safety measures, government support mechanisms including the Financial Assistance for Job Retention (FA4JR), specific sectorial assistance for Agriculture and Fisheries and other measures taken by the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS). All the useful links and contact details are also readily available within this guideline.

Updates on this e-guide will be available in our Media Centre as and when additional information becomes available.

Where can I find the latest news on DOIED?

You can visit our Media Centre section on our website or follow us on our Social Media platforms on Facebook (DOIEDSeychelles) and Instagram (doied.seychelles).

Where do I apply for the Seed Capital Grant Scheme?

The Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) is the Designated Authority for the Seed Capital Grant and therefore, all applications must be submitted to the Seed Capital Grant Committee located at Camion Hall, Victoria or on Praslin and La Digue. However, the Seed Capital Grant Scheme has been put to a halt until further notice given the current COVID-19 situation.

Where do I go to get support on Business development?

The Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) is the dedicated agency that provides business development services. Their office is open from 08:00am to 16:00pm from Monday to Friday at Camion Hall or you may contact them on (+248) 4289050 (Mahe) or (+248) 4237061 (Praslin) for further inquiries.


Where do I go to seek to for assistance regarding Microenterprises or Kiosks?

For any information regarding the Microenterprise centres located at Camion Hall and Port Glaud as well as, for the kiosks at Esplanade and the ex-plaground, please contact the Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) on (+248) 4289050.

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